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Digital Media

digital marketing and advertising

Digital Media in Perspective

dDaniel is a full service marketing firm. That means we have no druthers. The TV man says TV is the best. That's all he sells. The radio man, direct mail man, digital man all say theirs is the best. That's all they sell. dDaniel is a media broker. We find the best combination and harness the power of each. Some digital advertising is classified as unmeasured media. But not here. TRUE R.O.I. MEASUREMENTS.

We Evaluate. We Buy. We Measure. We Enhance.

Digital Media

Digital Marketing and Advertising

On-site and off-site optimization

Search Engine


Relevance is the on-site portion of SEO. Google looks at your website’s code; it doesn’t care how pretty the site looks. Optimized title tags, page speed, keywords, and more, lead to a premium ranking on top search engines.

Trust is the off-site portion of SEO. Getting inbound links to your website shows that you are a reputable source of information to search engines. Build trust with listings and links across the web.

Rapid results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Digital Media
Search Engine
Search Engine
pay-per-click advertising

Grow Your Business

With Pay-Per-Click Ads

It's ultra competitive in the pay-per-click  arena and costs are soaring. You may need to be there for your business but at what cost? We'll lead the way.

We focus on what matters most to you. Results.

Advertising Platform
Social Media Platform
Local Services
Search Engine
Digital Marketing And Advertising
social media marketing

Harness the power of

Facebook and Instagram

When it comes to building a strong online presence, your business has to be where your customers are, and today there are approximately 2.5 billion people using social media. Our team can help you increase website traffic, drive more conversions, and succeed on social media through targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and more. What's most important is we measure results to the cash register.

We buy the best and leave the rest.

Digital Marketing And Advertising

Dominate The Digital

Review World


Leverage the voice of your happy customers to improve online word- of-mouth on Google, Yelp, Facebook and more. Generate, manage and monitor reviews all in one easy to use dashboard. Invite existing customers to share their experiences online so new customers know they can trust you.

Negative reviews decrease purchase probability by 51% on average.

– Harvard Business Review Retail Idea Watch.

Digital Marketing And Advertising
Our Reviews
websites that convert

Website Design

and Development

Professional Content
Content written by professional copywriters that relates to your customers and puts your business and expertise into the spotlight it deserves
Responsive Design
Visually attractive design, high performance, and optimization for mobile devices — all done by professional designers.
Search Engine Optimized
Everything we do is optimized for search engines, which makes it easier for your customers to find you online.
Digital Marketing And Advertising
Website Create Platform
Web Analytics Services
Google Advertising Platforms
Achieve higher open-rates

Email Blasts and

Marketing Automation

The returns are low but so is the cost. We can create an E-mail campaign for your business that delivers higher open-rates and actually produces leads, and we will measure your results to the cash register.

CTCT Rebrand
Campaign Services
Digital Marketing And Advertising
digital video advertising

Digital Video

YouTube, Facebook & more

Advanced Targeting
Target potential customers based on demographics, searched keywords, and specific online channels. Reach viewers of YouTube, Facebook and other online video channels.
Reach and Re-targeting
Reach your target audiences when they are seeking information and willing to interact with brands. Re-target shoppers that have interacted with your website or ads.
Programmatic and Over-the-top
Cord cutting is growing everyday. Reach those audiences through target digital video campaigns on premium networks.
Digital Marketing And Advertising
Search Engine
reach an engaged audience

Digital Display


Promote your business through custom banner ads served to a specific geographic area. Target audiences that have visited a single location or business. Target specific zip codes, counties, states and more.
Demographic Targeting
Raise awareness of your brand by targeting specific demographics. Display campaigns create audience data that can be used to learn about what your customers like.
Brand Awareness
Display campaigns can raise awareness for business’s brand.
Digital Marketing And Advertising
Search Engine
digital advertising

Digital Marketing


This image talks about Google Local Services Advertising and how to measure this digital advertising product.
Google Local Service Ads
dDaniel participated in the pilot run of this relatively new Google product that debuted in 2018. It’s called Google Local Service Ads. Only pay for verified phone calls, not clicks. Build, manage and measure.
marketing and advertising planning and analytics
Search Engine Marketing
In the S.E.M. and display ad network, the prime ingredient we bring to the equation is experience. Our experience knows the value of all marketing products that are in the mix and how they fit, digital and conventional.
This talks about how to measure Facebook advertising
Measuring Facebook Ads
Maximizing results from social media takes serious experience. dDaniel is a full service advertising agency that began in 1953, and we are highly experienced in all marketing disciplines.