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Everyday a Firesale

The way in which we consume media is rapidly evolving; however, traditional media is still a powerful voice in the marketplace and can be a great value.

35% of American households $50,000 plus read a daily paper.
93% of America listens to radio weekly.
Average household spends hours watching TV every week.
If they drive outdoor billboard advertising is in line-of-sight.

Traditional Marketing and Advertising


One of America's Best Marketing Values

Who Reads the Daily Paper:*

AGE          PERCENT
18-24        17%
25-34        20%
35-44        23%
45-54        32%
55-64        40%
65+            52%

37% of Millennial's Read Sunday Paper.**

*PEW Research April 29, 2015.
**Scarborough 2016

Traditional Marketing


93% of America Tunes in Weekly


  • Idea development
  • Script-writing
  • Voice talent available 24/7
  • Premium production & mastering
  • Jingles & custom music beds made on-site
  • Voice-on-hold
  • Negotiation & placement of buys
Traditional Marketing


Average American watches TV nearly 3 hours a day*


  • Idea development & creative
  • Talent selection & directing
  • Script-writing & story-boarding
  • Premium production & mastering
  • Negotiation & placement of buys
  • Programmatic & Over-the-top (OTT)
  • Real-time response tracking
Traditional Marketing


The advertising medium least affected by the digital revolution.


  • Idea development
  • Agency Art
  • Evolution posting
  • Negotiate & placement
Traditional Marketing
traditional advertising

Traditional Marketing


This image shows the power of traditional marketing today.
Conventional Media
We'll show you how we doubled overall digital web activity using conventional media. We had immediate response measured to the cash register, and big, beautiful branding, too.
The Power Of Traditional Advertising Mediums
Print And Digital Advertorials
One client added duct cleaning to his company and was advertising it with no results. Consumers didn’t understand the benefits of duct cleaning, and typical advertising wasn’t working.
This image shows the importance and power of the effect of radio advertising on your digital marketing results.
Drive Digital with Radio
Over 90% of America is tuned into radio. We’ll tell you the watermelon and garden hose story that doubled our audience and cut the price by 20%. And how about buying radio for pennies on the dollar?